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Following the reviewed Lockdown levels that the Prime Minister has announced tonight Sunday 14 Feb 2021 we are now making some of our optional systems mandatory.


1. In order to maintain social distancing all check-ins will now be ONLINE and guests are asked to use the link that will either be emailed or texted to them.  (There are a couple of questions that are designed to help me decided the best way forward for the motel so please humour me!!!). I know that this can be slightly inconvenient and modern and feel unnecessary to some but it is our way of doing our bit to keep NZ safe so we would appreciate it if you would adhere to our policies.  


2. All payments will now be processed with the credit card details that are supplied at time of booking.


 We also have the following:


3. Socially distanced, individually laid out units (to be fair they were already like that!)


4. Lockboxes for your unit key


5. Communication through phone, text and email as well as state of the art door bell that connects with our phones


6. Online guest compendium instead of the physical guest compendium (you know that guest information folder that has all sorts of info in it!!)


7. Strict hygiene and cleaning protocols that we are continually improving in accordance with MOH guidlines



 and please, please


Check in on our Covid- tracing app located in each of the units and wherever you visit in Central Otago, it's our way of doing our bit


thank you and stay safe

Fizz, Rocket and Tilly!


Hi, thank you for choosing to stay with us and we are excited to have you here at the Antique Lodge Motels.  Please also don't forget to sign in with the Covid QR code located at the office an in the units.


Please find below some information for you prior to your arrival.


  1. Online Check-In: You are now able to check-in online.  We encourage you to do this prior to or at the time of arrival.  A QR Code will also be available in your rooms.  There are a few questions that we have asked in order for us to understand our market more fully so we can make the best decisions for the motels and development going forward and also so we can keep you up to date with motel news, views and happenings!   Please check in here

  2. Room Number:  We will send you a text in the morning of your arrival with your room no. so you are free to arrive whenever you want after 2pm.  If you need to check in early or drop bags off please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your request.   If we are not here please just make yourself at home and we will look forward to seeing you when we are back.  There will be milk in the fridge and the key will be on the table unless you have been sent a lockbox number.

  3. Guest Compendium is now online as an app.  Click here prior to arrival to access the app and there are also instructions in the room on how to do this.  The app will have all sorts of information for you including terms and conditions, restaurant/cafe information, what's on, and other useful information regarding the Motels for you. 

  4. The Wifi password is:  Motel56

  5. The Office is located by the laundry. It is generally open from 8.30 am - 6 pm.  Outside of these hours, we would appreciate it if you would text us.   If it is unattended (often we are out and about making the most of the amazing place that we live in) please ring or text us 02040169992 or use the very modern doorbell which will connect you to us on our mobile where we can talk and see you!!  We would also appreciate it if you would respect the privacy of our home and use the office door bell (which comes through to our phone) or text us instead of coming to our private house.

  6. We do have two very friendly golden retrievers:  Rocket (4 yrs) and Tilly (5months).  Although I have talked to them about waiting to be asked into a unit they tend not to listen and will often wander in to say hi and make themselves at home.  If you do not want this please feel free to tell them to leave or ring/text me and I will remove them.

  7. Bikes:  can be securely stored in the laundry overnight.  Please leave them in the laundry and the door will be locked at night.

  8. Bag drop-off:  Please leave your bags for collection by the cycle agency shuttles at the Laundry,

  9. If you have paid, please feel free to leave the key on the table on your departure



Also, don't forget we have complimentary car parking for you if you need somewhere to store your vehicle if you are doing any of the cycle trails. 


And finally, we hope that you enjoy your stay. Please let us know if there is anything else that you need. 


Safe travels



Superior Two Bedroom

Standard One Bedroom