"Cycling Uncovered" Essential Bike Skills

I have been attending Chris Foggin's "Cycling Uncovered" Bike Skills Sessions over the last few weeks. Fantastic programme developed by Chris to upskill bikers in order to help reduce accidents on bikes. From learning how to change a tyre, maintain my bike, control my bike when it gets away - especially in loose gravel, braking safely through to more technical downhill skills to wheelies.

I am lucky to be working with Chris to provide guests that stay with us to have the opportunity to partake in some or all of the modules. Definitely a good idea if you haven't biked in a while or have an e-bike that you are not super familiar with. Just a really good investment to ensure that you maximize your experience when you head out on the trail. So make sure that you contact us to get further information about the programme and keep an eye out here for more info or our facebook page!!

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